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Library Music Vinyl Disc Collection
deWolfe, KPM, Chappell, Red Bus, Themes International, Bruton, Atmosphere, Ready music, Program Music / Joseph Weinberger, Standard, etc.


DeWolfe music library vinyl discs - updated March 2012

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DWS/LP 3304 Sounds unusual Derek Scott 1975 ARP 2600 synthesiser
DWS/LP 3320 Guitar lines Paul Lewis 1975  
DWS/LP 3329 Ensemble Johnny Hawksworth
James Saunders
DWS/LP 3330 Moods for classical guitar Gregory Knop 1976  
DWS/LP 3337 Traveller James Saunders 1976  
DWS/LP 3347 A rose for dracula D Thomas
C Staker
O Natal
DWS/LP 3355 The good earth Jack Trombey 1977  
DWS/LP 3362 Calls, Fillers and Signs Simon Park 1977  
DWS/LP 3368 Vocal spectrum James Saunders 1978  
DWS/LP 3373 Rock on Jack Trombey 1978  
DWS/LP 3378 Kaleidoscope James Saunders 1978 Astral sounds
DWS/LP 3390 The top 1940s Jack Trombeyt
Juli Brace
L Donati
F Rothman
J Steffaro
DWS/LP 3396 Ideas in action Benny Clayton
JD Mumbles
DWS/LP 3399 Hubble bubble P Willsher/T kelly 1979 Kelly's eye
DWS/LP 3404 Cuts for commercials Chris Evans-Ironside 1979  
DWS/LP 3413 Family scene Jack Trombey 1980 Network
DWS/LP 3416 Groove tube James Saunders 1980 Astral sounds
DW/LP 3423 Movie go round vol 2 Keith Papworth
Anthony Mawer
H Hall
K Essex
F Spencer
H Woodstock
G Becce
O Armstrong
de Groot
I Slaney
H Taylor

DWS/LP 3432 Parallax Simon Haseley
P Merrick
1980 Box two
DWS/LP 3435 The professionals F McDonald/C Rae 1980 Incl: Hawks
DWS/LP 3436 Solid state Simon Park 1980 Paradox
Incl: Tachometer
DWS/LP 3438 Moving on through Alan Parker 1980 Paradox
Incl: Stylist
DWS/LP 3445 Space Drive Chris Evans-Ironside 1980 Astral sounds
Incl: Starshine, heavenly bodies, stingray
DWS/LP 3447 Cuts for commercials vol 2 Chris Evans-Ironside 1980  

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